When does the new Bazal nightclub open in Charlotte, NC?

The highly anticipated opening of Bazal Gallery and Nightclub to AvidXchange Music Factory finally has a date.

Bazal, a concept by QC Social Lounge owner Noi Vong, will open to the public on June 25.

Here’s a look at what guests can expect from Charlotte’s newest nightlife spot:


  • Bazal is both an art gallery and a nightclub. On the top floor is a bright and modern gallery while on the lower level is a dark and alluring dance floor.

  • The walls of the gallery are adorned with original works of art by local and foreign artists.

  • The nightclub downstairs is dark, stylish and nicely decorated. An intricate and sophisticated lighting system fills the club with a customizable array of strobes and vibrant hues.

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  • The music in the upstairs gallery will be deep, “sexy” house, according to Vong. It will be played by a DJ at a comfortable volume to allow guests an atmosphere that promotes intimacy and socializing.

  • The bottom music will be mostly Top 40 and Hip-Hop. Vong hopes to welcome local and global DJs to Bazal.


  • The gallery’s beverage menu will include premium liquors, artful cocktails and unique spirits from around the world.

  • The drinks menu downstairs will cater more to partiers – this is where you can order Red Bulls vodka and tequila shots.

Noi Vong, owner of Bazal Gallery and Nightclub at AvidXchange Music Factory and QC Social Lounge in Uptown. Alex Casson CharlotteFive


  • Bazal is about to become a members-only club. At the entrance, guests will walk on a red carpet to the concierge, where staff can verify their access. According Bazal’s websitethe venue is offering free membership ahead of its grand opening.

  • Guests will be required to adhere to a strict and upscale dress code. Yes, that means no shorts and no flip flops. Sorry, Adam Sandler.

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Bazal Gallery and Nightclub

Location: AvidXchange Music Factory, 950 North Carolina Music Factory Blvd, Charlotte, North Carolina 28206

Neighbourhood: Greenville

This story was originally published May 27, 2022 06:00.

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