TikTok blows up the nightclub’s Nazi theme

Dan Latu


Posted October 22, 2021 Updated October 25, 2021 10:12 a.m. CDT

A Japanese nightclub has been criticized by TikTok for advertising its employees in Nazi military uniforms.

Host clubs are establishments in Japan where male staff serve drinks and wait for customers. A few weeks ago, a Reddit user spotted a bus ad for a new club in Osaka using a Nazi symbol.

The nightclub, Unfair, subsequently posted pictures from employees dressed in all Nazi costumes with hauntingly precise details right down to the SS bolts on the collar, the Nazi eagle on the caps and the red swastika armbands.

Pictures also seem to show champagne bottles inside the club decorated with swastikas.

The nightclub’s website was taken down and its parent company, Host x Host, issued a statement apologizing for its “lack of knowledge and awareness.”

Tiktok user @the_kamoka posted a now-viral video that includes a screenshot of the Vice News report into the controversy. The TikToker first found the article on Facebook and was so stunned that they wanted to share the story with others on TikTok.

He chose Apollo Fresh’s “JoJo Pose” sound, where the singer repeats the word “pose” over and over, to “increase the irony” of the nightclub by casually treating these uniforms as a fashion statement. . The video now has 1.5 million views.

“There’s just a wild variation of people commenting,” the TikToker told the Daily Dot of the video. He said there are users who trade in black humor and others “are having discussions about …” Who’s to blame? “Is it the people of the host club, is it the general government or education in Japan?” ”

User @makarooni_n_chez wrote: “What you mean by lack of awareness … they were part of the axis powers … the reason we have awareness …”

But @the_kamoka said it was hard to understand the thinking of the nightclub. “How long does it take you to research Nazis before you find out what the Nazis did?” It’s not like it’s unknown information, ”he said.

User @rivetkick agreed, commenting, “Even though they deleted it from the school curriculum. You have to research the outfits. Are you telling me that they closed their eyes and that it happened?

Around the time the video reached 700,000 views, @the_kamoka said the original video and a duet he created in response to two comments had been taken down by TikTok. TikTok offered no reason for the removal beyond being a “content violation.”

The original video has been restored, but @the_kamoka is still banned from posting. The situation is frustrating, he said, as he planned to do a round-up of the most shocking comments the video has received.

Unfair and its parent company, Host x Host, did not respond to Daily Dot’s requests for comment via Twitter.

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* First published: October 22, 2021, 5:53 p.m. CDT

Dan Latu

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Dan Latu

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