This nightclub has banned customers from watching others without their consent for security reasons

This nightclub prohibits customers from watching others without their consent

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Although nightclubs and pubs have different settings and themes these days, some things about them are always the same, regardless of location, trend or style.

While having a drink or two with your friends or on your own, your eyes may inadvertently or knowingly fall on someone across your table or in the distance. It’s something we all call a fleeting glance or a brief look.

While there is nothing wrong with this conduct, people tend to get upset when a stranger stares at them for too long in a public space.

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To stare means to gaze fixedly or vaguely at someone or something with eyes wide open. In bars and pubs this mostly happens without consent.

But now a nightclub in Australia is trying to change that by introducing a new rule to make its customers feel safe

Sydney’s Club77 has updated its security policy with a strict unwanted view rule.

Now customers are prohibited from staring at others without their consent.

The new security policy was announced in a lengthy Instagram post that also highlighted the issue of harassment.

The message reads: “As a nightclub we encourage you to interact with strangers, however, any engagement MUST start with verbal consent. This also applies if, for example, you are watching someone from afar. If the attention you give someone is unwanted, it’s considered harassment.”

“If we receive reports of behavior that has made anyone feel uncomfortable, the reported individual will be removed from the venue and the police will be called,” he added.

The pub further said security guards inside will be referred to as “security guards” and will be recognizable by a high-visibility pink vest. Their duty will be to deal with complaints and concerns.

This decision was welcomed by several users on Instagram.

Jerry C. Greiner