The Underground follows in the footsteps of Carlisle’s iconic Concrete nightclub

The underground nightclub, Carlisle

The owner of a new nightclub that aims to build on the success of Carlisle’s iconic Concrete club is optimistic about the future after a sold-out opening night.

The metro opened on Friday at the site of the former Concrete nightclub, with owner Jake Cabeza hoping to build on the success of an establishment anchored in the city’s nightlife for 15 years.

“This is an iconic Carlisle club that closed its doors a few years ago,” Jake said.

“People mentioned the concrete, bringing it back, etc., so I went to take a look and bought it.”

He said the new name of ‘The Underground’ was inspired by the look and feel of the club and pointed out that it was of course a basement.

“Similar to what it was, but not just a student bar,” said Jake, exposing his take on the nightclub.

“We would still like students to come, it’s just not the main group we’re just targeting. If you’re 40 and want to have a good time, that’s fine.

“We also want to focus on events.

The metro, Carlisle

The club will start by opening on Fridays and Saturdays and – inspired by the success of the popular Teapot Tuesdays – will also explore experimentation on Tuesday evenings.

Thursdays were also considered but “a lot of places are open on Thursdays offering cheap drinks,” Jake said.

The music will vary depending on the night or event, but house music will be the overall theme.

“We’re not going to go the cheese route,” Jake said.

New DJ booth

Four new air conditioning systems have been installed in the club and an improved DJ booth has been moved to the right side of the club, which Jake says “opens up the dance floor a bit more.”

Jake also said that the big-name DJ booking was something he had “talked about” and that there were “a few names we could look into.”

“We’re not trying to be concrete, we just want to be the same type of club and we don’t want to get off topic too much,” Jake added.

Another thing on the horizon for The Underground is a bar open late at night between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. exclusively for front desk staff.

In addition to opening The Underground, the business owner recently opened 32 Bar and Truth Nightclub.

The Underground’s opening night on Saturday sold out in one day, with 250 tickets purchased in 90 minutes.

“The opening night went incredibly well, such a busy and awesome night, everyone had a great night on two packed dance floors,” said Jake.

“And with a few other events scheduled this month and advertised on the page between our usual nights, it’s been a good December.”

Jerry C. Greiner