The $ 10,000 Ono cocktail at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas

One of Eater Vegas’ most emblematic cocktails, the Ono at the Wynns XS nightclub, is all about over-the-top luxury. The cocktail for two costs a fortune $ 10,000 and offers champagne that costs around $ 500 a bottle, as well as custom-designed glassware. The star ingredient is a rare cognac that sells for over $ 2,000 a shot: Rémy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl. Inspired by Black Pearl cognac, XS designed a cocktail that would celebrate the flavor and rarity of cognac. The name of the drink was inspired by the Polynesian god Oro who, according to legend, brought a black pearl to the princess of Bora Bora. XS GM Yannick Mugnier explains that the drink was designed for both men and women, so the Ono also comes with a set of cufflinks and a necklace made of gold, diamonds and pearls.

“The cocktail is not about making money,” explains Mugnier,it is extravagance. ”He says the cocktail has been a hit with“ big winners ”at the casino as well as customers looking for a special experience. So far, around 25 have been sold since it was on the menu in 2009. The Ono is not just a drink, but a party within the club.Every order served arouses a huge fanfare, with a procession of twenty XS employees, a presentation of the bottle of Black Pearl, and sparklers. Mugnier says, “When you buy the cocktail, everyone knows you bought it.” Below, the elements of the Ono:

1. Cognac

The inspiration ingredient for Ono is also its star: Cognac Rémy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl. It is a limited edition cognac – only 786 bottles have been produced – and Mugnier describes it as “the most upscale” from the producer. The Black Pearl is an extraordinarily smooth blend of 12 different eaux-de-vie – each aged 40 to 100 years – and there are tasting notes of passion fruit, honeysuckle, ginger and nutmeg. Mugnier says the retail value of the bottle is $ 60,000 to $ 100,000, with a shot of around $ 2,500. XS does not sell Black Pearl on the fly and Mugnier only buys two decanters at a time. Each of the two cocktails gets half an ounce.

2. Champagne

Champagne in the Ono is also a rare and expensive product, Charles Heidsieck 1981 Champagne Charlie. Cocktail buyers receive the entire unopened bottle when ordering the cocktail, which requires approximately four ounces of champagne per glass. Mugnier explains that the “Reserve Charlie” is still extremely sparkling, despite being an older vintage, and has dried fruit flavors. Mugnier estimates that a bottle would cost around $ 500 and says they’re hard to find because “every bottle is worth keeping.” When XS decided to use the product, they worked with a distributor to buy as many bottles in the US as they could find, and Mugnier says that even now the club is buying the champagne whenever they can. find. Mugnier adds that the champagne is part of a nightclub and also gives sweetness to the recipe.

3. Rose nectar

Another premium ingredient, Rose Sence Nectar the XS adds to the Ono is a syrup made from Kazanlak roses harvested in three weeks in central Bulgaria. Pink rose nectar adds floral flavor and fragrance to the drink. Mugnier explains that it’s a pretty strong flavor, so the Ono only contains a quarter of an ounce to keep the drink balanced.

4. Fruits

With the above components, the cocktail has half an ounce of freshly squeezed orange juice and a quarter of an ounce of apricot puree. Mugnier says the orange juice is reminiscent of a Mimosa, adding both bitterness and sweetness to the drink. XS buys their apricot puree because they have a hard time keeping the seasonal fruits at the bar. Apricot adds its distinct flavors as well as an amber color to the drink.

5. The Assembly

Mugnier describes the assembly process of Ono as “very ceremonial”. When a customer orders the Ono, there is a procession of about 20 waiters and sparklers to “everyone know you bought it”. A manager carries the cognac in its original box (due to the cost of alcohol, the club prefers managers to carry it). A waitress carries and presents the champagne, and the assembly begins. The guest is given a tray filled with custom glassware including two Baccarat champagne flutes rimmed in gold for the cocktail. On the tray are additional gold-rimmed shot glasses, which contain the pre-dosed orange juice, rose nectar and apricot nectar. These are mixed, then the cognac is poured into its own personalized shot glass. It is added to the two flutes, which are then topped with champagne.

On this occasion, guests are also presented with two custom-designed pieces of jewelry: a sterling silver set Mont Blanc cufflinks And one 18k gold necklace with a black pearl and a diamond. The cufflinks have a stingray skin and gold overlaid with an XS logo. The necklace was designed by a Las Vegas jeweler and also features an XS logo in gold. The skin of shagreen is linked to the oceanic theme of the name Ono, and the black pearl does honor to cognac. Ordering the expensive cocktail is an experience in its own right, and Mugnier explains that it’s really best for “people who like attention.”


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Jerry C. Greiner