Testimony will begin Monday in the trial of the man accused in the Taboo Nightclub shooting

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Testimony in the trial of a man accused of shooting at a nightclub in downtown Cedar Rapids will begin Monday. Dimione Walker is facing multiple charges for the shooting at Taboo Nightclub. It happened in April, killing three people and injuring nine others.

Walker is charged with first degree murder, armed with intent and felony in possession of a firearm. A previous charge of willful injury causing serious bodily harm was dropped.

He is accused of firing 8 shots inside the club which was packed with people for a 90s themed party. Prosecutors believe Michael Valentine was shot 6 times by Walker, including in the face . Valentine died during filming.

Prosecutors plan to show surveillance video from inside Taboo Nightclub during the trial.

Another man, Timothy Rush, is due to stand trial in March. He is accused of firing the shots that killed Nicole Owens and Marvin Cox.

As of Thursday afternoon, Walker’s jury is set. Jury selection began on Tuesday and lasted more than two days given the publicity of the case. The courthouse will be closed Friday for Veterans Day, pushing opening statements to Monday.

Walker’s trial is expected to last at least five days. A list of state witnesses lists more than 30 people.

Jerry C. Greiner