Surveillance video shows moments leading up to shooting at Trust nightclub in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) — Surveillance video from the Trust nightclub in Greensboro reveals the moments leading up to a shooting that sent several people to the hospital.

At 1.37am on Saturday, police responded to a report of several people being shot dead Trust, a nightclub on the 2800 block of West Gate City Boulevard.

One victim was taken to hospital by Guilford County Emergency Medical Services. Two others were taken to hospital in private vehicles. Police say all of the victims had non-life-threatening injuries.

The video, which does not include sound, shows a group of about 10 people outside the nightclub just before the gunshots.

FOX8 is not releasing the full video at this time due to potentially graphic content. The full video shows the group suddenly fleeing the scene, with some running into the parking lot and others making their way into the building.

According to Michael Clark, the owner of the nightclub, someone at the edge of the parking lot fired three times at the door. The guard fired back three times. “You can’t stop who comes in and decides they’re having a bad day,” he said. “It’s hurting our business, I mean it’s my livelihood, my family’s livelihood.”

Clark told FOX8 that there are numerous safety plans in place to protect customers and employees. People are polled before entering, the gate closes at 1 a.m., and everyone providing security has weapons. “I mean, what more can we do as a company when people don’t care where they are and other people’s lives?” he said. “We have done what we can to protect people and we will continue to do so.”

“We’re in this together to try to keep people safe,” Clark said. “I don’t think we’re getting enough support and I think the bad reputation of urban spots, everyone is walking away from that.”

No suspicious information was disclosed.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Greensboro/Guilford Crime Stoppers at (336) 373-1000.

Jerry C. Greiner