Sleek new nightclub Kioki is coming to Old Town this weekend with a Balinese twist

A brand new nightclub is coming to Swindon this weekend – Kioki Swindon will give the town an Indonesian experience with a Bali theme and exciting cocktail menu. The club will open on the main street of Swindon’s old town, in the building of the former SUJU club.

After the previous club closed in March 2021, work began on Kioki in February this year, promising “a bar like you’ve never seen before” with the latest state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. technology. Kioki’s Eloise said that although they’re keeping it all a secret until opening night, she can tell “a lot of money has gone into it.”

She said: “It’s all been totally stripped down. People expect us to just put a coat of paint on the walls, but that’s on the next level what’s been done!” The club has three main areas: a ground floor lounge, a jungle-themed club room, and an outdoor area.

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Eloise said: ‘Downstairs we’ll mainly be doing cocktails, the music will be a bit quieter so you can have a conversation – it’s more of a lounge vibe’.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the main club room will open: “It’s a Jungle Club room, it’s really cool, it’s really crazy, it’s crazy, especially the technology and the stuff that’s built into it”. The third area is a huge outdoor terrace, which will also have its own DJ and bar.

The club unveiled a preview of its Jungle Club room

The club’s three bars will feature Kioki’s extensive cocktail menu. “They’re amazing. There’s not much else like it in Swindon.” Here you can choose from a range of tropical cocktails from an Amazon sour to an Ocean Colada and every day before 9.30pm they will be just 2 for £12.

The club’s Bali theme features ornaments shipped in from the island itself, the club says it’s “the perfect fusion of a sleek, ultra-modern venue blended with an old Balinese flair”. Besides its extravagant interior, Eloise said another unique selling point is that the club will be for people aged 21 and over only:

“Personally, from my perspective talking about it with people – that’s the biggest selling point – because it’s definitely what Swindon needs. It’s a place where older people don’t feel not among the younger generation”.

Music-wise, the club will offer something for everyone. The club room will play a mix of R&B, Garage and Hip-hop over the weekend with the lounge and bar focusing on a more laid back vibe of House, Jazz and Funk with a bit of Pop and Disco.

Kioki opens on Saturday April 23 from 5 p.m. To find out more, visit their Facebook or Instagram.

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