Seattle’s Supernova aims to be an “anti-disco nightclub” (DMNW interview)

Coming out of a global pandemic and launching a completely unique new nightclub might seem daunting, but Seattle music entrepreneur Zac Levine tapped into a space the city needed with Supernova.

Levine was the creative force behind the popular Seattle “Stayin’ Alive” party for years now, and will soon take the disco-themed event – ​​and many others – with it to a new home. In what was once known as Studio Seven, Supernova is an immersive space reminiscent of a trip to Alice’s Wonderland and will soon celebrate its grand opening on Friday, July 2.

Zac recently took the time to chat with DMNW about the space and the general vibe leading up to this weekend. Here is what he had to say:

With Supernova opening its doors, what is the overall vibe of your club and the vibe you are looking to encourage customers to embrace when attending an event in your space?

Zac: Supernova is a captivating and immersive arts and entertainment venue! We strive to provide guests with an unfettered, otherworldly escape for 4-8 hours, where they can forget about the problems of everyday life and focus on freedom of self-expression.

What is your history in entertainment, can you give us some insight into your own journey and how did you bring that experience to the table with Supernova?

I have worked in the entertainment industry since I was 14 years old. I started handing out flyers for events and worked my way up learning all the aspects and position of venues and nightclubs. I feel like in the last 15 years I got my PhD in nightlife and Supernova is my thesis. Taking everything I’ve learned from my mentors Sean Majors, Steven Severin and Meli Darby and all my career experiences, and applying them to this project, I know I can’t fail! I’M READY!

How long did it take to finalize the club’s original plans and vision? Did you initially want to take the club in the direction it ended up or can you give us some insight into your creative process and what you focused on most when creating a new space ?

I’ve been creating the Supernova vision in my head for 5 years. I traveled to Tokyo, NYC, LA, Montreal and Santa Fe to find inspiration. I wanted to find what I liked about nightlife experiences that weren’t offered in Seattle. And then apply those ideas to my concept of place with my own unique twist. I wanted to create something that was really for the customer. The disco anti-disco. With an extreme focus on art and customer experiences not offered in Seattle. And then apply those ideas to my concept of place with my own unique twist. I wanted to create something that was really for the customer. The disco anti-disco. With an extreme focus on art and customer experience.

What genres of EDM or other musical genres will be part of Supernova’s focus?

Supernova starts Friday with Chicago/Detroit House, Funky House, Gospel House and Saturday with the past, present and future of Disco and NuDisco! We will grow in the future!

Will Supernova be opening at full capacity for the opening and do you have any special themed events coming up this summer that guests can look forward to on the calendar?

From June 30, WA State will open 100% without any restrictions. Unless otherwise specified by the state, Supernova will open at 100% capacity with no mask requirements or proof of vaccination. Keep an eye on our @SupernovaSeattle Instagram for extremely exciting announcements as we kick off our inaugural year!

We all know Seattle is craving to hear live music again and we can’t wait to get back to the beat and enjoy the music we love the most together, where do you see Supernova fitting into that and that are you excited to bring to the scene as a whole?

Supernova aims to be a beacon of light for those eager to engage in sweaty antics on the dance floor! We look forward to opening our doors to artists and patrons. We are extremely excited to bring a new canvas to the Seattle art scene.

If you could describe the overall aesthetic of Supernova in three words, what would they be?

Immersive, engaging, atmospheric.

Club opening weekend kicks off with a “Thank God it’s Friday” celebration on July 2, featuring funky house, Chicago house, vocal house and gospel DJs, alongside circus performers and entertainers. Then on Saturday, Stayin’ Alive makes its Supernova debut with all the disco and nu-disco tunes you can handle. The weekend will end on Sunday with the BeautyBoiz Revival, billed as “an inclusive house music dance party experience with a rotating cast of Go-go’s, drag queens and dancers.”

Coverage will be billed at the door for each event.

We can’t wait to see Supernova enter new territory and show Seattle a place that will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. For more information on the place, you can consult its website here.

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Jerry C. Greiner