Rahul Gandhi talks to a Chinese envoy in a Nepali nightclub? BJP leaders make fresh allegations as row continues

Raoul Gandhi seen in a nightclub in a viral video

Photo: ANI

New Delhi: The controversy over Congress leader Raoul Gandhithe presence of a Nepal the disco continues with a few BJP leaders are now speculating that the MP for Wayanad was interacting with a Chinese diplomat. Others, meanwhile, accused the politician of “only having ties with those who challenge the territorial integrity of India”.

The now-viral clip features Gandhi standing in a dimly lit nightclub while others in the background dance to loud music. He can also be seen talking briefly to a woman standing next to him. Although the video in question is undated and gives no clear indication of the venue, Congress leaders said Gandhi traveled to Nepal earlier this week for the wedding ceremony of a friend who happened to be there. also be a journalist.

While some have noted that Sumnima Udas (the friend whose wedding Gandhi is said to have attended) is the daughter of a diplomat who “actively supports Nepal’s claims to Uttarakhand regions in India”, others have focused on the woman seen in the clip, claiming it was a Chinese diplomat Hou Yanqi who is currently Ambassador to Nepal.

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Rahul Gandhi celebrating with Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi in Kathmandu ? By the way, which wedding takes place in a nightclub?” asked Harish Khurana, spokesperson for BJP Delhi.

“The video of Rahul Gandhi partying at a nightclub in Nepal with Chinese diplomats is disturbing as China’s honey traps grow. Hou Yanqi, China’s ambassador to Nepal, was also spotted with him. The Congress is unnecessarily questioning Narendra Modi ji’s trip to Europe when his own leader is doing it!” said Vijayasai Reddy V, MP for Rajya Sabha, who is part of the YSRCP led by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

However, many have alleged racism and countered the allegation. A report of India’s anti-fake news war room today adds that the claim had been debunked by several people, including Lord of the Drinks (the club he was supposed to be in), CEO Rabin Shrestha and a Kathmandu Post journalist.

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