Ora and Q Nightclub are hosting two group therapy weekend pre-parties this Thursday

As you all know, Above & Beyond is coming to The Gorge this weekend. This Thursday, July 21, two of Seattle’s hottest clubs, Q Nightclub and Ora, will host a slew of artists from Anjuna to warm us up before heading to The Gorge for the main event, Group Therapy Weekender 2022!

If your sonic tastes are a mix of trance and progressive house, Ora will welcome Amy Wiles, Fatum and Genix. If you’re into deeper sounds, Q Nightclub will have Eli & Fur, Marsh and Olan.

The listings are a great reflection of what’s currently hot and Anjuna’s current direction and vision. It presents a combination of promising and solidified pillars. Check out all the artists from Anjuna’s Seattle showcases below!

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Group Therapy Weekend Warm-up at Anjunadeep – Q Nightclub

Limited tickets are still available here

Eli & Fur

Longtime friends of the label, the British duo have a flair for brooding, dark dancing paired with a mysterious, brooding voice. They have releases on Defected, Spinnin’ Deep, Anjunadeep and their own label NYX Music. The duo have proven that their songwriting roots can be successfully paired with a club-oriented side. Check out their recently released Cercle Set live from the snowy mountains of Italy.


UK-born Californian DJ and producer Marsh is easily the label’s current superstar and a fan favorite (a personal favorite too). Showing no signs of slowing down, Marsh conquered Europe, Asia, South America and North America. Its enchanting deep and progressive house instills hope and healing. As he continues his incredible path to the top, he has already solidified modern classics with Come together and My stripes.


A fast rising star and newcomer to the Anjuna family. Olan got his start with the label through his collaborations with Mat Zo and Nourey. His sound is an eclectic melting pot, reflecting his own upbringing and diverse background. Besides her electronic prowess, she sings and plays guitar behind the decks. She’s an inspirational figure, being a queer woman of color in an industry dominated by straight white men. She needs to be watched closely.

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Anjunadeep Group Therapy Weekend Warmup – Ora Seattle

Limited tickets are still available here

Amy Wiles

London-based DJ and producer who debuted with Anjuna as resident DJ in 2018. Wiles eventually took the reins as the label’s product manager. She has presented for Colorized and Anjunabeats at Creamfields and Tomorrowland. Her performances have been mostly based in the UK, so this will be the start of her first US tour.


Genix have had deep roots in the trance scene since 2003 and have become one of Anjunabeats most exciting bands. Its terrific sounds take fans on unexpected twists. It offers a high-octane cocktail of trance, techno and progressive house. Fun fact: He holds the Guinness World Record for the longest DJ set, which lasts 84 hours.


The US-based duo have been a solidified global dance music group. Fatum is a Grammy nominee, top of Billboard Dance and winner of Best EDM via Hollywood Music in Media. They have releases on huge labels like Armada, Ultra, and of course, Anjunabeats. They capture the essence and euphoria of trance, enhanced with strong notions of industrial techno. As the creators of dance music tastes, they continue to release their cutting-edge tracks.

Where are we going to see you before the group therapy weekend? Let us know on social media and find out more local nightlife happening here!

Jerry C. Greiner