New moon-shaped Vegas resort to feature spaced-out themed nightclub

In case you haven’t heard it, a new and massive Las Vegas Moon Shaped Resort is under construction. It will feature 4000 hotel rooms, a spa, a casino, and a fool spaced themed disco. the New York Post even reported (comically) that staying in the new complex will cost 500x less than a trip to space. They compared it to the $ 250,000 note it would cost to go to Jeff Bezos’ blue origin Where Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Flight. The cheapest rooms will cost $ 500 per night.

The station, aptly named Moon, will offer entertainment for all, including a moon colony, crater cafe and lagoon. The theme of the disco area of the Moon itself. The club will be placed directly under a model spaceship. There will be lights and lasers shining on the crowd below.

The station in total will cost $ 4.9 billion complete. The station will be the larger sphere in the world and second biggest building in Las Vegas with a height of 735 feet. The company that designed the future complex plans to create other Moon-themed complexes in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Las Vegas project currently has no project completion date. Something of this magnitude will take years. We can’t wait to dance on the “moon” when it opens. Who will be the first DJ to play there?

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