New Moon-Inspired Vegas Resort Will Have a Space-Themed Nightclub –

If you thought Las Vegas’ theme resorts weren’t fancy enough, think again.

In case traveling to space for a concert is too much for your blood, Sin City will soon bring the cosmos to you straight after two Canadian entrepreneurs reveal plans to build a moon-themed spherical complex in the mecca of the western game.

Aptly named Moon, the resort will host a myriad of attractions, including a one-of-a-kind nightclub. According to Daily Mail, the nightclub will be positioned directly below a model spaceship with lights aimed at the attendees. Currently, there is no project completion date.

A sketch of a ‘lunar tranquility spa’ as part of Las Vegas’ Moon World Resorts.

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The resort will be the largest sphere in the world and the second tallest building in Las Vegas at a height of 735 feet. It’s by far the most ambitious resort in town to date, as their plans include a glass-bottom walkway that will simulate the weather conditions below, an active lunar colony created to simulate the moon, a buggy ride moon and much more.

The project was originally intended for Coachella in 2016, but received heavy criticism across the board. In an interview with Vice, former Coachella manager David Garcia said it was “difficult to express an opinion on a project that exists only as poorly rendered graphic designs”. Moon is likely to face similar skepticism again.

Learn more about Moon here.

Jerry C. Greiner