Mango’s Nightclub on International Drive will become a concert hall

At Mango’s Nightclub there will soon be a concert hall where you can see your favorite artists.

Mango’s is known for its Latino entertainment. But now there will be a lot more variety.

“You might be able to come here on a big night and see a big concert for a country or rock band and then a DJ late at night. It’s just a whole different genre as a concert hall. ”

Owner Joshua Wallack said he’s teaming up with Alliance Event’s and Nightlife to attract big names.

“To help promote concerts here, music festivals and bring different genres.”

While you can still dine and see a show, he says he had to come up with a different plan due to the pandemic.

“The nightclub business has changed all over the world. He has really been hurt.”

He said he received a $ 10 million loan from Federal Main Street to reopen and make changes to his club, so you can hear different music in different rooms.

“We are able to create using curtains and video walls to make Mango smaller with different genres. We have evolved and do evolve over time. ”

He tells us there is room for 2,000 to 3,000 music fans in his club who want to party in style.

It officially reopens on June 10.

“We see this as an opportunity to start attracting some of the really, very high-end talent who want to tour.”

Wallack plans to have concerts this summer.

Jerry C. Greiner