Inside Miami Mad Club Wynwood nightclub

Luxurious, vibrant and elegant: descriptors like these are what Wynwood’s new nightclub wants patrons to expect from a night out.

Mad Club Wynwood, the latest venture from the Dirty Rabbit group, welcomes clubgoers with the promise of an upscale experience not typically found in the neighborhood.

The place was born from the desire of the group Dirty Rabbit to create a hot spot like no other. He sought to curate a new experience unlike his popular Wynwood bar, the dirty bunny.

“We wanted to get into the boutique nightclub. That was something we hadn’t done yet,” says co-owner and COO Joey Vega. “When the opportunity presented itself, we wanted to create something completely different from what Wynwood had seen. We wanted to give a different demographic the opportunity to come to Wynwood and not be judged.”

Vega and Club Owner and Creative Director Andres San Martin have worked together to deliver an experience that not only focuses on the art, which is a major driver of Wynwood’s success and popularity. Instead, the partners wanted to introduce a high-end version of the parties found in the city.

“There’s so much tourism and people in Wynwood who are not just looking for the average bar, but more of an experience that they’re going to have,” says Vega. “We saw an opportunity to really capture these people in a new venue – the only one open until 5 a.m. We wanted to give these people a reason to come party with us.”

With an emphasis on sophistication, the venue offers a quick getaway and promises an experience guests won’t forget.

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Inside Mad Club Wynwood

Photo courtesy of Mad Club Wynwood

Partygoers will notice the themed decor on the dance floor. Honeycombs and bees adorn the walls, bars and DJ booth, a reference to the Mad Club’s image as a hive of activity where visitors are welcome to dance and soak, but with a few rules.

“When you think of a bee, you think of a queen bee. The queen tells the workers what to do and how to do it. It’s the same here,” Vega says. “She’s in control. That’s what it symbolizes, because when you’re here, you fit into the lifestyle, and that’s the Mad lifestyle.”

To participate in this “lifestyle”, guests must adhere to the club’s dress code, which prohibits shorts and sandals.

“When we say dress code, it comes down to what the queen wants,” Vega explains. “We want to make sure we maintain a strict dress code. We’re not necessarily looking for everyone in a suit or dress shoes. We’re open to understanding that fashion is very important.”

Besides attracting well-heeled guests, the club aims to impress with music. Vega says Mad Club doesn’t focus on just one specific style of music; instead, it pushes for a high-energy dance floor with a variety of genres and sounds.

“We’re not just your ordinary nightclub,” Vega points out. “We wanted to create a different experience, bring people in and entertain them.”

Crazy Club Wynwood. 55 NE 24th St., Miami; 786-843-7021;

Jerry C. Greiner