Huge new nightclub opens near Times Square

If you can’t wait to embrace the raging 20s we were promised (not the pandemic 20s we were given), there’s a huge new nightclub that has your back. Nebula will bring an 11,000 square foot multi-level club to 135 W. 41st Street on Friday, November 5.

With a capacity of 700 guests, Nebula will be the largest club to open in Manhattan in years. A 5,500 square feet the dance floor offers plenty of space to show off your moves, plus a mezzanine and lower level with three private club rooms dedicated to private groups (with their own dedicated bathrooms) allow you to customize your going out experience. Think: Otop-notch karaoke nights, a sit-down dinner for twenty or a little dance party with your closest friends.

A movable ceiling, made up of six massive video panels, able to move and tilt individually or come together to form a room-wide screen, allows Nebula to change themes every night. A cosmic night sky or hypnotic, rhythmic pulsing lights can change the mood for an ever-new nighttime clubbing experience.

As part of New York’s nightlife revival, Nebula will offer a preview weekend with GORDO (the house music aka producer/DJ Carnage) Friday, October 22 and purple disco machine will make the headlines on Saturday October 23 with a mix of disco, nu disco, funk, soul and house. Halloween weekend will bring DJs on Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th October, with Nebula’s grand opening on Friday 5th November promising a special surprise musical guests.

Nebula was created by a New York nightlife expert Richie Romero, who is also behind 1OAK, Up&Down and Yang Gao.

Jerry C. Greiner