Goodnight John Boy, a 1970s-themed nightclub in the apartments’ former Magnolia space, now open

  • Photo by Doug Trattner
  • Opening weekend at Goodnight John Boy

Update: After a glitzy grand opening last weekend, Goodnight John Boy is now open to the public from 4 p.m. to “late” Friday, noon to “late” Saturday, and noon to “late” Sunday. For bottle service, call or text 216-990-2300.

Enjoy a video tour of the nightclub below and our original preview below.


(Original story 4/14/21): Very soon, the phrase “Good night, John Boy” will once again enter the lexicon of the Clevelanders of a certain age. This time around, however, it won’t be in relation to one of the most famous lines spoken on 1970s television, but rather a 1970s-themed nightclub from Forward Hospitality Group.

Partners Bobby Rutter and Michael Schwartz first announced the project a year and a half ago, revealing that they would shut down Magnolia, the Flats’ sweatshop-style club, to pave the way for a new concept. Since then, teams have worked hard to convert the 4,000-square-foot space into Goodnight John Boy, a Studio 54-style club where nightclub and dancing are the main attractions.

Rutter, who proudly claims to be “disco high,” says the ’70s craze is one of the hottest things right now.

“I think not only is this decade fun, as evidenced by a lot of the music today, which is very much influenced by disco,” says Rutter, “but I also think that niche deadlines and certain genres in general don’t. are that a lot of fun for people. Whether it’s an 80’s place, a 90’s place or a dinner club, it’s just fun.

While Forward plans to host private events at the club during the NFL Draft, they are pulling a larger opening around mid-May. When revelers cross the threshold, they will be transported back in time to Gerald Ford’s administration.

“It looks like your grandparents’ crazy basement, with wood panels all over the place, high pile carpet, linoleum floors and crazy wallpapers that I can’t believe exists in the world “says Rutter. ” It’s awesome. That’s all that’s beautiful about the ’70s. We’re very far down the cool design spectrum.

There will be room (but probably not for a while) for around 250 guests in comfortable seats, at the bar, in some VIP areas and in private areas.

“These are very eclectic seats,” Rutter adds. “We bought stuff in thrift stores, on the Facebook market, everywhere. People have this stuff, they just didn’t know someone wanted it.

Along with the killer sound system, lighted dance floors, deejays, and over-the-top design, there will be smoke and mirrors, Rutter promises.

“One [disco ball] is so gigantic that it will transform the room, ”he says.

Up front, a small caravan is being converted into a mini-bar.

Jerry C. Greiner