Gilt Nightclub owner shares his vision for newly acquired properties on Wall Street

We told you HERE that longtime Wall Street bar czar Joel Springman had sold the southernmost properties of his downtown entertainment complex to the owners of Gilt Nightclub and we just spoke with one of the operators of the popular nightclub who shared what he and his team are up to for downtown Orlando’s largest collection of nightclubs.

Springman has sold four of its properties, including Sideshow, Wall Street Cantina, Waitiki and Monkey Bar. One of the biggest sites, Attraction (Facebook), will close this weekend to allow the start of renovation work inside. Co-owner Bosko Lazic told Bungalower that his team will transform the circus-themed restaurant into a “high-energy bar” with food service over the next two months.

“We’re aiming for something a little more sophisticated than what currently exists. We are currently talking with the leader, who was also the former leader of Sideshow, about what to keep and what to change, and what changes we have coming.


Both Wall Street Cantina and WaiTiki will be converted into something more like a beer garden set up with better layout designs/relations to Wall Street and outdoor patios with a more relaxed design and feel. The Monkey Bar will become a more energetic concept with a “sophisticated upscale vibe” according to Lazic.

Work on the Cantina, WaitTiki and Monkey Bar is expected to take the next six months.

“Wall Street is a great canvas for large-scale performances and events and we will certainly leverage our relationship with Gilt as we move forward, but they won’t be clubs. We want more of a bar feel. We love Joel’s vision for Wall Street over the past few years and his success speaks for itself.


All sites will change names over the next few months as details are finalized with their architects, marketing team and the City of Orlando. We will share more information about these sites in the coming months.

Jerry C. Greiner