Funeral of murdered American rapper Goonew held in nightclub. 6 strange funerals

In the 2011 movie, A little corner of paradise, Terminally ill patient and protagonist Marley Corbett (played by Kate Hudson) wants her funeral to be a colorful celebration. In the 2007 movie ps i love youwe saw Gerry’s funeral like the ones where people were dancing to New York fairy tale. We have seen in several cancer movies like Blame it on our stars that people, especially those who know they are going to die, often plan their funerals. Some may not want attendants to wear all black and be sad, some may want specific music to be played, etc.

But have you ever heard of a funeral held in a nightclub with the corpse standing and in attendance? Yes, if Ghana’s dancing pallbearers – who have become the world’s meme stock – are anything to go by, then all sorts of weird burials exist in the world.


Here are 6 weird funerals including the recent one at a nightclub that might have you planning your own funeral (pun intended). Beware, some of them might be macabre; after all, we are talking about corpses here:


A video of a funeral held at a Washington DC nightclub for popular American rapper Markelle ‘Goonew’ Morrow has gone viral. The video shows the supported rapper’s body standing upright on the dais as family and friends partied around the corpse.

The viral video sent the internet into a frenzy, with netizens trying to process the ‘funeral’ scene. Some could not believe the world had come to this point.

The rapper’s mother, Patrice Morrow, later said Fox 5 DC that they wanted to honor his life with a celebration. She said she was happy with the way her son was sent away.

The nightclub, on the other hand, issued an apology saying that even though the space was booked by a funeral home, they were unaware of what exactly was going on there.


Irish Defense Force veteran Shay Bradley planned his funeral so that attendees would laugh their hearts out. Bradley died in October 2019. As a final farewell message, he left a voice recording to play just as the coffin was lowered. Guess what the message said?

“LET ME OUT,” the speaker shouted, accompanied by sound effects of someone knocking. His hilarious message making it sound like he was the one screaming to be released from the coffin had the audience cracking up. Some were left half crying and half laughing at comic relief.


The Covid-19 stole the mother of these two young girls. The end was tragic but the daughters, Trinity Wright, 21, and her sister, 12, did not want a sad departure for their mother. So they rapped Soulja Boy’s’rick and morty‘ meme song outside the open casket funeral of their mother, Michelle Wright, and posted it on TikTok.

The video quickly went viral. They also captioned it, “‘First day of singing ‘Rick & Morty’ to our mom until she gets back from d3@d.”

We guess the dead would definitely wake up from the coffin to smack their mouths repeating the same irritating song.


A woman twerking on her best friend’s grave. Photo: @juniper_da_berry/TikTok

Friends and family know their deceased loved ones more than anyone. This TikTok user therefore started twerking on the grave of her best friend on the anniversary of her death. It’s definitely something to remember and relive the best moments of the deceased person’s life. Guess what Amira, the friend, says from beyond about being twerked.

It quickly became a trend on TikTok. However, some claimed that people were twerking on strangers’ graves and that it was disrespectful.


Are you going to start crying in front of the corpse placed in a casket at the funeral of your loved one? Or will you have your loved one’s mortal remains sitting, dressed in their favorite clothes and surrounded by their favorite elements?

In 2014, the funeral of Miriam Burbank, 53, was not celebrated as usual. Instead, Miss Burbank was made to sit up straight, fully dressed, a cigarette in her hand and surrounded by her favorite things, with a disco ball above her head. The deceased’s sister described the funeral as “not like a funeral”, but a place where she was also present with them.


This couple proved that funerals aren’t just for the dead, they can also be for the living loved one. In 2017, Twitter user Eli McCann’s then-boyfriend surprised him with a weirdly morbid birthday party. The boyfriend held a funeral for Eli’s birthday and asked attendees not to acknowledge his presence when he entered.

Eli said it was like walking in his own wake. Why did the boyfriend have a funeral for a birthday party? Well, that’s because why only remember the good things of a loved one at the funeral?

If I walked into a surprise birthday party with a funeral theme like this, I would think I was dead and my soul was attending my own funeral, as seen in the movies.



gordon-647_040622010525.jpgGordon Cooper file photo. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This man loved space. Gordon Cooper, a US Air Force pilot and astronaut had one last wish. He wanted his remains transported into space. Cooper died in 2004 and there have been several attempts to blast his ashes into space. And finally, it was in 2012 that his ashes were successfully sent into space, where they remained for a month before being consumed by falling back to Earth.


You were warned that this list was going to get morbid. Well, last wishes must be respected. Comic book writer Mark Gruenwald, known for his long association with Marvel Comics, wanted his ashes mixed into ink that will be used to print a comic book. And so, after his death in 1996, forever keeping his last wish alive, his ashes were used to print the first trade paperback edition of Supreme Squadron.

Hmmph… who would want to own THAT?

Do you feel inspired to plan your funeral around any of these?

Jerry C. Greiner