Explore Fathoms, an adult nightclub aboard Disney Magic

I’ll tell you a story of the bottomless blue
And that’s hey starboard, hoe!
Brave sailor, beware, cause a big ‘uns a-brewin’
Mysterious fathoms below!

– “Fathoms Below” lyrics from “The Little Mermaid”

Aboard the Disney Magic, there’s an ocean-themed adults-only nightclub called Fathoms, where adults are invited to celebrate the splendor of the sea. wave-like upholstery and fiber optic light fixtures inspired by jellyfish, plus enchanting special effects that continually shift and change…just like the ocean. It’s an amazing adults-only place where they can enjoy the magic of Disney and have some adult time without the kids.

After dark, adults are invited to mingle, sing, drink cocktails and dance. There is of course karaoke! Guests can also take part in a game show, catch a comedy show, or watch a live musical group perform on stage. Fathoms is where fun reigns and entertainment swells!

Stools and benches surround a cocktail table in a spacious seating area
Source: DLC

No nightclub is complete without some fun drinks! Fathoms offers delicious sea-inspired refreshments, and customers will have a hard time deciding which ones to try. Fathoms full bar serves a superb selection of beers, wines, cocktails and after-dinner liquors. If you’re feeling extra daring, opt for a glass of sweet but sophisticated apple ice wine (cidre de glace in French), a refreshing nightcap.

Other signature specialty libations are on the menu:

  • Blue Tang: Includes Gray Goose Citrus Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice, Sweet Rim, and Souvenir Light Cube.
  • Anemone: Has No 3 London Dry Gin, a freshly blended citrus blend with a layer of mango puree and a champagne garnish.
  • The Black Pearl: Contains Crown Royal, Drambuie and cola.

They also serve specialty coffees (the bartender will be happy to customize one just for you!), such as a cappuccino, espresso or latte… there’s even a delicious rum and coconut Colada coffee !

Several couples dance in Fathoms nightclub
Source: DLC

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