An In-Depth Review of Bazal Gallery and Nightclub’s Detailed Dress Code Policy

When the news of the opening of Bazal Gallery and Nightclub broken, many Charlotte residents were fascinated by the unique and intriguing concept by club owner Noi Vong. A place at the crossroads of art and nightlife was something we had never seen before – until now.

With several events such as pre-openings, media previews and private gatherings already taking place at the site, night owls across the city are eager to get a closer look at what lies behind the front doors. of the gallery now that the establishment is officially open.

What some don’t know, however, is that there is one key element at Bazal that club staff are determined to protect – what Vong simply describes as ‘the vibe’.

Owner Noi Vong hopes to welcome a variety of local and global DJs to Bazal’s nightclub. The elevated DJ booth includes a VIP section on both the left side and the ride side. Alex Casson CharlotteFive

Anyone can pay a membership fee, but not everyone can live up to the standards the large establishment demands of its customers. An art gallery sits on the top floor of the building, above the venue’s club, and thanks to a strict dress code, budding revelers will need to be as crafty as their surroundings. After all, fashion itself is an art form.

According to Vong, the club aims to attract customers who put a lot of effort into their wardrobe. For him, dream clients take pride in how their looks are executed.

“Don’t roll out of bed in sandals and shorts and expect to find yourself on a red carpet,” Vong told CharlotteFive in an interview. “It’s a place that’s going to challenge you, like, ‘Hey, raise your game. Step it up.’

And Bazal’s strict dress code certainly reflects Vong’s vision. According to the club’s VIP terms and conditions, “sexy, chic, sophisticated, classy and tasteful” attire is a must.

The gallery-level bar at Bazal Gallery and Nightclub, opening in Charlotte June 25. Alex Cason CharlotteFive

“Art and music at Bazal…is a high-quality experience for those who like to dress in style,” said the location site states. “This atmosphere helps you feel like you’re part of something special, no matter what your mood.”

Here is what the dress code policy discourages customers from wearing if they plan to stop by Bazal Gallery and the nightclub:

Avoid loose clothing or sportswear

There’s a time and a place for popular fashion trends like loose streetwear and second-hand finds – but not at Bazal. Customers are encouraged to wear jeans or pants that “fit properly” and have no rips or holes.

Ditch the t-shirts

Wearing a tee to the club is the preferred route for many, especially if dancing the night away is on the evening’s agenda. However, you may not even get a chance to see inside the club if you show up in a T-shirt. Bazal encourages customers to avoid wearing T-shirts and try a collared shirt instead.

Disco vs beach club

It goes without saying that customers wearing hats, shorts and flip flops will undoubtedly be turned away at the door. The dress code policy strictly prohibits these items, regardless of label.

If the shoe fits you…

Among the list of prohibited wardrobe items at Bazal are men’s sandals, women’s backless sandals, sneakers, steel-toed shoes, and work boots.


Once guests arrive, they will be greeted by staff who will verify their access to the club. If you are not already a Bazal member, you can register on site and pay the applicable fees in person.

Members pay a one-time annual fee of $25, which gives them access to the gallery and club, special events, promotions, cocktail tastings, discounted venue rental rates, and the chance to beat the line thanks at a priority entrance.

Bazal Gallery and Nightclub

Location: AvidXchange Music Factory, 950 North Carolina Music Factory Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28206

Neighbourhood: Greenville

Instagram: @bazal_gallery

This story was originally published June 24, 2022 06:00.

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