A Banksy-themed nightclub is raging in Mazatlan – SURFACE

Opened in 2021 by Grupo Marea, the hospitality group behind local restaurant La Marea, Banksy’s social club is decorated with art-themed gadgets. When they’re not dancing the night away in a sea of ​​strobe lights and lasers, guests take selfies in a Flavin-esque light installation, ogling bodysuit-clad gogo girls hoisting giant letters that spell “BANKSY” and gobbling up $3,000 bottles of Moët served in a faux gold machine gun not unlike the one carried by Banksy pencil boy (2011).

While undeniably kitschy, garish, and pretty much every other word under those two thesaurus entries, Banksy Social Club is true to its theme. It’s clear from the start: the lobby doubles as a gallery featuring stenciled replicas of Banksy classics (girl with balloon, pulp Fiction) that extends into the first room, anchored by sculptures of missile-carrying angels and graffiti lions, all created by local artists.

One wonders what Banksy, renowned for his discretion, might think of his eponymous cabaret, which La Marea describe as “an eclectic tribute to rebel art” and “art in all its expressions, with references to various currents and artists of diverse genres” but ventures into the delicate territory of appropriation (if not that of Señor Frog). Given that one of his most infamous stencil works proclaims “copyright is for losers,” maybe he doesn’t care. His team appears to be keeping quiet about the effort for now.

We admit it, the futuristic space concept that just debuted in Shanghai is more our speed, but we also have a soft spot for camp. For example, we love the magnetic kitsch of Las Vegas, where extravagant mega-resorts like Caesars Palace and Excalibur offer unbridled whimsy and “an innate cheesy taste, that gooey flavor that makes stadium nachos so desirable in the stands of concession”. This may be the last offer of dismalBanksy’s apocalyptic amusement park.

Jerry C. Greiner