Take out loan despite credit bureau entry

For many consumers, the Credit Bureau entry becomes a problem at the latest when they are looking for a new apartment, sign a cell phone contract or want to take out a new loan. The credit record despite Credit Bureau entry is in fact quite difficult because most banks equal to say no in a Credit Bureau entry.

How can you borrow despite Credit Bureau problems

There is no universal solution for these cases because it always depends on what kind of Credit Bureau entry it is. For example, anyone who has a dunning notice from a telecommunications provider in Credit Bureau is not rated as negatively as someone who has taken the affidavit or who has had a major loan canceled. How you proceed depends essentially on the circumstances. If you do not know where the Credit Bureau entry results from, you should first order a Credit Bureau personal report to find out. Some entries are provided with a so-called completed note if the reason for the entry no longer exists and the debt has been paid. Some banks then make it possible to take out a loan despite negative Credit Bureau entries when they see the case is done.

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If, on the other hand, Credit Bureau is so bad that nothing works, the loan seeker must try to get a Credit Bureau-free loan. With this variant, it is possible to take out the loan despite the Credit Bureau entry, because in connection with the credit check, Credit Bureau is not even queried and nobody is interested. However, the prerequisite for this is that the borrower is in a permanent employment relationship and earns significantly more money than his corresponding garnishment exemption limit.

As already shown, taking out a loan is not an easy undertaking despite Credit Bureau entry and involves significantly more effort than is the case when Credit Bureau is clean. You can take out a loan despite a negative Credit Bureau entry, for example, at the credit agency Bon Kredit. Here, loan offers are explicitly submitted that are aimed precisely at the clientele with negative Credit Bureau. The probability that a loan will be approved despite Credit Bureau entry is relatively high with Bon Kredit if the general conditions are right.

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