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Basic considerations before requesting a quick credit

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However, the long bureaucratic processes mean that society has evolved towards the request instead of the so-called fast loans.

One of the most frequent ways, when we need money, is to go to our trusted bank to apply for a loan

One of the most frequent ways when we need money is to go to our trusted bank to apply for a loan

These are financial products that have gained great popularity especially during the crisis as they provide a faster and much simpler service .

Among the most important considerations to consider are your request form, the required documents, the execution deadlines, the requested amount and the return terms.

Therefore, the first step consists in applying for a quick loan in which it is not necessary to physically go to a bank branch and all that entails between waiting and paperwork but can be requested by telephone or by filling in A form via online.

If we follow the traditional process in which we have to go to a bank, we would have to request an appointment, have one or several meetings with an employee to inform about the conditions and require all the necessary documents to make a study later on if it is viable or not your concession. So if what we need is money quickly , this is not the most suitable option, but as we mentioned before it would be a quick credit in which you request through the Internet by filling in a very simple form with some data personal

Regarding the required documents

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In traditional loans, a huge amount of paper is required that demonstrates the economic solvency of the applicant, such as income statements, payrolls, guarantees, bank records, etc. However, for the application of a mini-credit , no documentation is required, simply the personal data of the applicant.

If we take into account the response time, we are probably talking about the main characteristic of this financial product thanks to its speed, since the answer can take between only a few minutes or a maximum of 48 hours while a bank loan, we can even be months waiting for a response. We are therefore facing a financial revolution in which accessibility is huge for all types of people since it only takes a computer, a tablet or a phone with Internet access to make the request and receive an almost instantaneous response.

However, analyzing for example the amount requested , we also find great differences since in fast loans this amount amounts to a maximum of 1000 euros. Remember that, as its name indicates, we are facing mini-loans to solve specific liquidity problems such as the payment of the invoice for basic or unforeseen services such as a breakdown in the car, in fact, the average amount requested is usually around 300 euros approximately . For this reason, the application and processing process is also simpler and faster when dealing with amounts of money much lower than those requested in a traditional financial institution.

If we talk about the return , which is also very important to take into account when requesting a quick loan, we can say how fast your grant is as your return, since this period does not usually exceed 60 days. Of course, when dealing with money amounts less than 1000 euros, the return terms cannot be extended in excess of time. Nor can you request another additional quick loan until you have fully repaid the first one. However, in fast loans, it is the client himself who decides said repayment amount among several options, unlike in the case of personal loans or mortgages in which it is imposed by the branch itself with hardly any negotiation margin.

As a general rule

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This period does not usually exceed 30 days, although extensions may be requested in the case of not being able to pay your payment in the time indicated at the beginning.

We are facing a financial product that is very different from traditional bank loans and that have been created specifically to meet very specific needs, that is, we can never buy a house through quick loans but to meet specific financial problems or economic problems. The range of possibilities for its use is very wide and more so in today’s society where job insecurity and financial difficulties are the protagonists of everyday life, so we are facing the perfect option to solve financial troubles and thus help maintain an economy healthy and far from debt.

On the other hand

There is a current contrary to the request for quick loans due to the stipulation of the interest rate. Well, logically you must pay a price for having money instantly when we need it and in virtually record time; In addition, this interest sometimes comes close to that stipulated by that of traditional banks.

Our work with the creation of the Lender portal

It is to channel all those offers of the different companies dedicated to the granting of fast loans and other similar products. Each of them has different conditions so, depending on the needs of each user, each client can find the quick loan that best suits their economic needs in order to pay it back in the established terms and with the stipulated interests.

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